Dr Drum Review - A Closer Look
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                                      Dr Drum Review - A Closer Look

                                                I was never a huge fan of musicians growing up, especially a DJ, one that could ​
                                                ​take two different style sounds and make one great beat out of them.

                                                There was 1 simple reason for that, I wanted to be that person and I never thought
                                                 it would happen for me. Dr Drum software has made my dream come true and
                                                 ​I have finally fulfilled my dream of becoming a full time DJ.

                                                 I would never of tried or even heard of the Dr Drum software if I was not looking
                                                ​around on-line for ‘how to become a DJ’. There was one site I saw that had
                                            ​professional musicians on, and they were not happy about Dr Drum and the
                                            ​publicity it was getting online.

I went to investigate and find out why this piece of music software was getting up people's noses so much,
​especially professional DJ's.

Below I will explain more about my Dr Drum review and how it has helped my career and gained me a lot of

What Is The Dr Drum beat making software?

Firstly, a DJ's job is to play really great tunes and make sure everybody has a great time on the dance floor.

To do this properly a DJ must know about their synthesizers, drums and beats to achieve a great piece of
​music, luckily enough for them most are great musicians in the first place.

What if I am a Beginner?

If you are someone who is a total beginner or has no clue how to mix two songs together then do not worry!
​Dr Drum excels in this field and was designed specifically with beginners in mind.

If you are like many of us and the art of mixing the two tunes together is too much, and all you want to do is push 1 button to create something magical then Dr Drum can do that too. When I read a Dr Drum review myself and saw all the hype around the software I went and downloaded my copy as I wanted to get started straight away.

My first impression was not great. There was so much to do and I was not sure where to start, I was shocked at how much you get in a small piece of software. I soon got to grips with it and looking back now it was so easy to use. There are many options in the software, some of them are below;

16 Track Sequencer - this is what is normal in the industry

The Dr Drum beat making software gives you 16 full tracks to play around with, play different patterns, add several stroked sounds and beats too. It is even very easy to do usually more difficult tasks like copy multiple music bars and change the track volume, just by the click of a button or two.

You can even adjust the tones to suit. It really is fun. The main selling point to me when I read the Dr Drum review was the youtube uploader section. Once I finished a song I would easily upload it for the world to see, thus giving me a platform to gain popularity.

A 12 Pad Drum Machine

There are 12 pads available and you can make thousands of professional great sounding beats with them. I myself have mixed up 1000's of beats together and produced some amazing unique songs.
The Dr Drum interface is so straightforward that there is no end to what you can achieve with it. You can change kits, adjust the volume on different channels and play around all day with the drum beats.

A 4 Octave Keyboard

When I decided to do this Dr Drum review the keyboard was a huge positive part for me, it is so professional and you can do so much with it, you can add in all your FX and instruments like the guitar, strings, sax, piano and synthesizers.

With this simple piece of software your beats become so much more. At the beginning I only really used the synthesizer sounds but when I started to play around a little and on my second gig I did more and it made a huge change to the music I was playing.

Check out this comparison chart below to point of some of the Dr Drum features.


Dr Drum Review - The High’s and Low’s

The best thing I thought about Dr Drum is that you can get it in one single download. No need for add-ons and no instruments required at all. All you need is a standard home PC or laptop to be able to download Dr Drum. It is also available for all Mac users too.

With the 1000's of built in tunes, the beats and the notes there is no more software needed or no need to think about when wanting to create a new beat.

Dr Drum beats all its competitors when it comes to this type of software, that is mainly because of the simplicity and how easy it is to use. From day one opening the download to your first complete own production you will learn numerous things every time you use it.

A bonus I thought was good was everything you save is saved to the WAV format and not MP3, this is so much better and you never have to lose any of the sound quality. With that said, Dr Drum beat making software is not for the die hard professionals who are use to the studio, it is more for beginners.

If you are a studio goer and you're reading this Dr Drum review then I would check out some other software, this has been designed for the newcomers and semi professionals.

To conclude, I am 100% happy with my Dr Drum beat making software, its simplicity gets a huge thumbs up from me and I am still producing some great tunes every day - just like a pro.

If any of the professional DJ's found out my secret I know for sure that they would not be happy, they would think I am a cheat but I am not and until that day happens I will be using my Dr Drum to create amazing creations.